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Applied research in Experiential Learning


Offers experiential educators an opportunity to obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to collect, analyze, and use data as evidence to inform best practices in experiential teaching and learning. After studying the ethics of engaging in practitioner-oriented, applied, educational research, students explore how to monitor and measure student engagement and outcomes through the collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. Offers students an opportunity to learn more about how action research can be employed by educators to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate experiential teaching and learning practices.



Signature Assignment

Coaching & Teaching can happen in in a variety of settings. As we uncover our skill sets or our professional bent we may find that certain skills expressed in a particular professional setting may not look the same in another professional setting. Our skill sets overlap and intersects at times. Coaching helps the client expose or uncover these overlaps and intersections. 


Teaching is different from coaching. When teaching the transformation or learning may not be so evident because of the nature of the relationship. As a coach, the change and learning are typically experienced by the client. Nonetheless, "the best teachers coach their students, and the best coaches are the best teachers." Grant Teaff

For this assignment, I applied academia to a philanthropic passion project: Teaching Digital Media Literacy Skills to the Jamaican Workforce. 



Reflection on Action Research


Peer feedback according to a great deal of research, is found useful and effective in classrooms when used properly. Monitor and regularly evaluate each coaching session the use of valuable, reflective questions that encourage the client to gather the emotions, desires, thoughts, etc., about themselves. Wherever those thoughts do not reflect the clients designed action plan, there is space to adjust, grow into new information discovered since the last coaching session.


Evaluating the different ways that each client utilized the resources available through professional life coaching. Given that each person has unique ways of learning, or what we may call, learning practices, clients or learners have space and freedom to work through the discoveries and act where alignment happens with the designed the action plan.


In professional life coaching action research is used to inform practice in quality terms. Clients provide periodic feedback through the coaching check-ins depending on the number of paid sessions.  As I created the check-in questions, utilizing simple survey style questionnaires that are straightforward, take about 5 minutes to complete, can be done on a mobile device and doesn’t require a google sign in.    


This format was chosen because of previous knowledge and experience with the google forms format. In this away, google workspace will maintain the responses all in one place. This is helpful when accumulating the data in one place to discuss with the team, the operations manager, in this case. The data would be compiled in our cloud vault where confidential information is stored. Once compiled, the data will be used to adjust services or to quality of coaching methods.


The experience creating this artifact from beginning to end, piece by piece is professionally rewarding. In general, the experience from start to finish has been new regarding the software and programs I have learned to the instructor’s mentorship. Adobe programs are robust and go beyond basic functions most common like we use in word documents, for example, learning some of their software has been significant as I move knowledge to inform my practice through tools that are user friendly to clients like DocuSign when completing new client paperwork.


Every aspect of my project except for the website or portfolio where I have housed this artifact is transferred to the professional coaching context. The knowledge and skillset learned through this experience extends to the whole of my professional coaching career.

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