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coaching framework

We must first identify the correct problem before we go around trying to solve problems! 

As a certified professional coach and well-versed in learning theories. I approach coaching from a cognitive-based approach. When the coaching relationship begins with a learning mindset, the outcomes are not about solving the problem necessarily but ensuring that first, we have determined what opportunities exist to learn from. 


Design thinkers are opportunity seekers, empathy kings, and queens, storytellers, rule breakers, producers, and experience architects. (Design Thinking for School Leaders: Five Roles and Mindsets That Ignite Positive Change). These roles are not static, and because learning is cyclical, so is designing the learning experience. 


Why does learning seem to only have its way in "school?" Since we learn each day and throughout our lifetime, then understanding how we learn best is important. Learning experiences designed with and for the way learners learn best can foster deeper learning. 


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