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Master of Education
Learning & Instruction

Highlighted Courses

For each highlighted course, I have provided a work sample demonstrating professional development and growth or skills gained. In this degree program, I specialized in experiential learning and instruction. I enjoy creating learning experiences with the learner in mind. 


In addition to this graduate degree, I completed 36 credit hours in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. It is one of my goals to complete that degree. I intend to focus on the psychology of learning with a niche in counseling adults with learning inabilities and/or sensitivities

Culture, Equity, Power & Influence

Racial Identity Development was paramount in this course. Before this course, I was aware of my privilege. Yet, this course opened my eyes to so much more in painfully pleasant ways! In this course I created an Action Plan and course shell that explores how racial gaps may be perpetuated in post-secondary education. 

Education as an Advanced Field of Study

This course fueled a passion project The Lundy Foundation. The foundation was birthed in honor of my late father, David Lundy. The mission of the foundation is to provide U.S. internships to Jamaican learners. In this Digital Media Literacy course, I developed a curriculum for summer internships which includes an instructional component on digital literacy. I wrote several blogs on digital literacy and created an incomplete course shell that I hope to be a demo for future courses. 

This course became one of my favorites of the program, the robust theory and unit plan I designed for a workshop were the highlights. Most of my research was on the impact of emotions and learning. During this course, I  was introduced to the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), also known as sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). The unit plan informs my professional practice as an educator, coach, and learning designer.

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