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Culture, Equity, Power, & Influence


Examines the broad construct of culture and explores how these characteristics impact personal identity, access to education, social mobility, power, and influence. Explores educational institutions as cultural systems and questions concepts at the heart of personal and professional interactions in teaching, learning, curriculum, and administration. Expects students to participate in reflective discussion and begin the personal exploration of their own feelings and experience with culture; to develop competencies spanning cultural and international boundaries; to prepare to be more effective in diverse settings; and to influence and advocate for systemic change.



Signature Assignment


Below you will find the Action plan for a workshop entitled: Perpetuating Racism in Higher Education. 


Action Plan


The presentation below is for the first class meeting. The title is Racial Inequities. The goal of the first meeting is to explore ways racial inequity and bias still exist.


Workshop Presentation


Racial Identity Development became paramount among the other tools gained in this course. While walking into the course aware of my privilege this course opened my eyes to so much more in painfully pleasant ways! 


Most of what I originally identified with as "culture" were concepts included in the image above like ethnicity and language, but in this course I discovered that culture is so much more... to include understanding how you identify with your own culture.

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