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This course addresses how K–12 educators learn and use digital media literacy to prepare students for the world of tomorrow; Introduces students to innovative teaching and assessment practices as well as theoretical and philosophical orientations around participatory culture and literacies; Examines the interrelationships between cultural competencies, traditional literacy, research skills, technological skills, and critical thinking skills; Explores role of ethics, authentic assessments of student learning, and differentiation of instruction in K–12 contexts; Requires graduate students to demonstrate advanced levels of study, application, and research.



Signature Assignment


During this course, I discovered the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and decided to incorporate this discovery with the role it plays on teaching and learning digital media literacy.


Here is the course I created in Articulate Rise:


The Highly Sensitive Person & Navigating Digital Media 

When considering the ways that we navigate digital media today, it is important to be literate in the various forms of digital media. The following video is a short simple demonstration and one artifact created in this course: Navigating Through a Digital Life

Smaller Mind Map for Portfolio_Illustrating Digital Literacy.png


Initially, this course was challenging for me. By the second week, I felt tremendous support from my instructor which led to an educative experience. I had already discovered a highly sensitive person and was excited about ways to incorporate this new information into my academic and professional world. This course allowed me 1.) to apply experientially three areas of my academic programs: the professional growth through the discovery of the Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) found in Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP); 2.) apply my recent training in Articulate Rise by creating a course and 3.) make connections between the ways that digital media can influence persons with SPS.


Surprisingly, this became one of the most helpful courses required. The three blog posts written on the topics surrounding education, learning, and digital media literacy can be found here: My Book in a Blog. Writing blogs were a great way to make the content theory practice while meeting the course competencies and outcomes.

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