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Before completing the graduate degree in Learning & Instruction, I started a Data Analytics, then to Mental Health Counseling and back to Education. Each degree expresses my interests and the areas of research that align with my professional goals. Go here for samples of my graduate work.

Completed the Articulate Rise certification in graduate school. Using blueprinting and storytelling, I enjoy creating learning experiences grounded in the pedagogy that aligns with experiential learning and design, more specifically Bloom's Taxonomy. I started the build-out of a course that I would like to offer learners who discover an SPS trait.

Serving a private client, I created a simple, minimalist modeling portfolio using Adobe Portfolio. 

This presentation was created by myself and a colleague who was part of a team of advisors at St. Petersburg College who were responsible for showing the need for a more personalized career and academic experience.

Building Websites & Workshops

Knowledgeable and proficient using the following technologies: Wix, Wordpress, Bullhorn, Salesforce, Canvas, D2L, Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle, HubSpot.

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