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Introduction to Education Statistics


This course offers students an introduction to the use of statistics (quantitative methods) in education, covering topics such as descriptive statistics (including central tendency and dispersion), probability distributions and inference. Students will learn the theory behind these methods as well as acquire the skills to conduct statistical analyses such as t-tests, correlation, regression (including analysis of variance and covariance) and chi-square tests using SPSS. The application of statistical methods using SPSS is a core component of this course. Prior knowledge of SPSS is not required.



In the translation from Digitication to Wix hosting lost this signature assignment. 

"One of the most challenging aspects of reflection is to ensure that one grounds description in specific evidence."

Eynon B., et al., (2014)


This course was extremely challenging for me. I would not trade the experience for anything. It taught me grit. It taught me I can learning anything. Though I cried my way through most of the class, the experience, the instructor, and the knowledge and experience gained are irreplaceable. 

Though I may seldom use the knowledge gained to inform my practice unless I return to the field of data.  The topics of assessment, correlation and understanding quantitative analytics and the major influence data has on practice is critical and necessary to have at least a basic understanding of.

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