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articulate Rise 360 & BLUEPrinting


In this course, students will learn to create interactive, e-learning modules in Articulate Rise. Rise is a web-based development platform that includes many tools for integrating images, sound and video as well as creating multiple formats of interactive element. Rise can be used on both Mac and PC systems, and an account will be provided for the duration of the course. In addition to developing skills in using the Rise platform, students will gain knowledge of how to create effective learning materials by aligning components of instruction, applying principles of multimedia learning and interactivity, and building media that is accessible to a wide range of learners.



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Signature Assignment



The initial process of creating and building a course is to plan. Instructional Designers use what is called a V Planner. This ultimately keeps all the moving parts together in one place. It helps the designer manage the project. It is also the framework that outlines the course, providing the overview and details, from the color of the course to the actual content. 

Here is the V Planner I created for the course.


Not only was this experience amazing because I enjoy building courses but because there was overlap in my course work in Digital Media Literacy course which I was enrolled in during the same semester. All of my action research and experiential learning moved from theory to practice. Here is the course I built in Articulate Rise:


The Highly Sensitive Person Navigating Digital Media


Learning Rise has been both refreshing and helpful. Refreshing because I enjoy creating and designing learning experiences. Helpful because this training earns academic credit. I did learn one thing about myself through this course; at times I am so big picture thinking, I have a hard time with details! In this course, I was able to balance the two - understanding how I learn gave me space to create a balance between the details and the big picture. 

One highlighted learning experience is about the working processes. As an instructional designer it is both challenging and rewarding to have specific tasks and deadlines to meet. I enjoyed the planner in that it challenged me and kept me on task and apprised of each deadline. As a divergent thinker, I enjoyed backward design, I was able to plan better after I completed some of the courses’ shell.  I enjoyed being able to design a course relevant to my industry and one that certainly informs my professional practice as a budding post-secondary educator. While it took time for me to wade through the process and create objectives, I feel equipped to help plan and create instructional material for post-secondary courses. I feel more confident to manage projects and people.

Most enjoyable was the actual creating and designing within Articulate Rise. This software is limited and basic in some ways yet helpful to the course design community. This course strengthened me and also gave me a space to create and learn! 

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