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Learning Philosophy


Discovering the Design Thinking framework has been the most exciting discovery during my graduate program experience. This framework not only fits my learning philosophy but it bids well in various professional contexts, including education.  


Completing a graduate degree positions me to venture into professional contexts I have yet to work in like learning and instructional design, and consulting. One of my short term goals is to complete a doctoral degree where my research will focus on learning theories designed around learning styles. 


As a self-proclaimed experience architect, I am passionate about true learning, and creating, designing and implementing learning experiences, not just checking boxes. 

Three Things Every Learner Should Know:

I believe that every learner should know 3 things walking into any learning experience: 1. how they learn, also known as learning style; 2. what they already know and 3. what they want to learn through the experience in any modality (college course, professional development, volunteer experience).

I believe that learning is sparked by creativity!

Finally, learning styles intersect with various aspects of learning. How best can we coach learners to create learning experiences, essentially we are teaching people how to learn. 


In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.

Phil Collins

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