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Learning Philosophy


Discovering the Design Thinking framework was the most exciting discovery while in graduate school. The design thinking framework aligns with my learning and teaching philosophy. In the link above, I took a deep dive into design thinking in a coaching context. This approach to teaching and learning can also be duplicated in workplace settings. 


As an experience architect, I am passionate about true learning. I am passionate about creating, designing, and implementing learning experiences, not just checking boxes. I am a facilitating, experiential learner and educator. 

Three Things Every Learner Should Know:

I believe that every learner should know 3 things walking into any learning experience: 1. how they learn, also known as learning style; 2. what they already know to build upon and; 3. what they want or need to learn through the experience.


I believe that learning is sparked by creativity!

For more on my teaching philosophy check out my teaching statement.


In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.

Phil Collins

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