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philanthropic work

As an early starter, my philanthropic work began when I was 16, as the youngest "student" member of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Board. From here I would invest my time and resources by serving residents of the Virginia Lazzara Shelter with babysitting services and mentorships to young single mothers.

Digital Literacy Course & The Lundy Foundation

Workforce programs, skill-based jobs, strong work ethic, and digital literacy; what do they have in common? - they are the heart and soul of the foundation I aspire to grow as one of my long-term passion projects. 


The mission of The Lundy Foundation is to provide internships in the United States for underrepresented Jamaican learners who are enrolled in workforce programs like electrical engineers and plumbers. The internship curriculum will include a digital media literacy component. This is not your basic "computer literacy" While it may include basic computer literacy, we will dive far deeper into the online world we live in. 


Mentor - ALPHA House, Brookwood and Family Village 

After the firsthand experience of the kindness shown to me as a student at the YWCA, I would explore other ways to serve my community; one way was by providing childcare for the families living in a homeless shelter, who attended required, evening classes or counseling sessions.

Upon returning from the military, I became involved in the ALPHA House, mentoring young single mothers. We talked about life, parenting, and whatever was happening on that day, I certainly understood their struggles and yet I also knew there was hope for a future, having been a young single mother for many years.


Local County Animal Shelters - Foster Care

Pet therapy has been a critical part of my personal healing experiences through difficult life transitions. During a difficult time in my life, I began a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling where I researched the theoretical aspect of pet therapy and trauma. But my love for dogs is two-fold, helping the homeless community of dogs and helping people with dogs. As part of my healing journey, because I could not possibly adopt all the homeless dogs, I decided to foster dogs to an adoptable state.  To date, I have seen four dogs find their furever home after being cared for in a safe space and taught had to be a dog. 

In the future, I would like to use adoptable dogs in therapeutic settings once I complete my master's degree in counseling.

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