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Designed to engage students in systems thinking, specifically about how education policies at the federal and state levels impact teaching and learning in elementary and secondary schools. Students have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of how policy is created and implemented and to analyze the ways in which competing visions of the purpose of public education frame policy debates and outcomes.


Readings and activities will focus on a variety of contemporary policy initiatives. This course offers students an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of specific policies that relate closely to their professional roles and seek to identify and practice the skills educators need in order to assume leadership roles in directly and indirectly influencing policy.




This course was challenging for me because I do not work in an education study in which to advocate for. There was difficulty in translation of theory to practice, Further, I am not employed at this time so the hypothetical or wishful case study created demonstrated the possibilities  of a professional internship program in a third world country. 

This course only compacted the known ideas and experiences within the American education that in my opinion exasperate the ignorance of the American people.  

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