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Cookie Cutter Meets Jamerican: Part 2

I am excited to show you the update. The latest project we are working on is painting the entryway cabinet. I do not think I will put it back in that particular location. I visualize a table less deep and wide there.

The master bed needs a bed base. Ricky is building a poster bed but until that happens I have requested a basic 4-poster wood base that we expect to receive in the next week. With additional finishing touches, I expect the master to be complete in the coming weeks.

The second bedroom must be finished before my son arrives to visit in May. The couch becomes a single bed with some padding, and the nightstand in the master will work well in the office/second bedroom and will bring some brightness to the room.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cookie Cutter Meeting Jamerican!

Music: Humans, by Nation Boss.

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