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Don’t stop dreaming!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, and his vision to not stop dreaming, that when you visualize the spot you want to be, there is more likelihood that you will eventually get there. I visualized a time when my family would accept my black child. And after giving birth to my first bi-racial child, whom I placed for adoption, I knew that in time, my family would come around. How could they deny love to a innocent child.

Here is my “dream come true.”

Dreaming is a way to visualize what you plan to accomplish. This blog post is sort of on a whim. Nonetheless, a good reminder. We are feeling creatures who think and feelings are the beginning of an idea. Ideas are creative and imaginative. I think we forget to create and imagine because we get wrapped up in what others are creating and imagining and sharing on social media.

Rabbit trail: Not everything needs to be shared on social media! Just saying!

I have come to understand imagination as the brains way of exploring all the possibilities and impossibilities. The above picture is an example of what imagination and innovation can bring about. Oh and if you missed my recent posts, innovation requires disobedience. We must be rule breakers for revolution and real change to come about in whatever capacity we are dreaming of change.

This is my Italian Grandpa and my first born son. This is my grandpa who, when I first brought my black best friend home, Briana, he told me that I won’t be bringing any n____ (that word) in his house.

Needless to say, my Grandpa gave in to such cuteness no matter the color of his skin! In a day where there is so much crap floating in the air and people hate people because of the color of their skin, I thought I would share that dreams do in fact come true. It is good to dream. I dreamed! I dreamed of a day that he would change his mind! I am glad he did! It is necessary that you dream! Don’t stop dreaming!

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