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Everyone Needs Some Power!

I could remember days thinking if I only had someone to call that is neutral and will tell me the truth but be kind and gentle. I mean the type of help that is not bossy or imposes their crap on me, etc. This is what a life coach can be. When you hire a life coach, the intent is not to replace friends, family, or even therapy. Instead, I view it as a supplement to what you may be already doing. If that is not the case, and you do not have support, I highly suggest a life coach or therapist. Or maybe you are about to make some serious life change, like a life transition – retirement, empty nest, divorce, career change.  

To paint the picture plainly, I liken it to vitamins. I used to hate when my mom would say, “that supplement will be more effective if you took it with this…so I took the other vitamin, then she would add another vitamin and before you knew it I would have a pile of vitamins on the counter that all had a specific purpose. While true, super annoying and it is super expensive!

It cost to take care of yourself. Not just monetarily but it costs time, emotional energy, creating intentions, mindfulness, and exercise to get all the chemicals working together and balanced in your body!

Freedom and power are normal desires to have! Paul, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Hiring a life coach can be a pivotal shift in your next steps. I listen, and I ask questions. Life coaches are not necessarily giving advice, we are not advice givers. All that you need is within, sometimes, we just need help rediscovering it. That is my role, to ask the right questions to help you rediscover what somehow got tucked away somewhere. There are many reasons why we compromise or ignore our conscience, nonetheless, we do, and finding our way back to our true selves is what coaching is all about.

Personal power was a big one for me. It was that space where I constantly squashed my gut feelings and resigned myself to be agreeable for the sake of peace. While there is a place for peace and agreement, in my experience this was not a healthy response overall and wounded my spirit and self-worth. I will never forget one couples counseling session. The counselor told me in front of my ex-husband that it is normal to desire personal power over areas in my life even while married. In this space, the space that I had permission, just like everyone else, despite my experience of 17 years in a difficult marriage…for the first time, in a long time I felt like I was given this space in time to experience a level of freedom and power. I felt of little value for so long in our marriage that I lost sight of my personal value regardless of my behavior or what anyone else thought of me.

When I began rediscovering my personal power I experienced so much freedom, l felt like a bird let out of its cage! I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to do, and began that journey as soon as I was free! I hope this happens to you too!

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