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Two years ago, during my soul searching, therapy, and self-care time on the beach, the phrase: my book in a blog, came to my mind and I added it to my notes (the notes feature I keep on my phone for moments like this.). That was it, it is the new name of my blog because eventually, I will make this blog a book.

As I contemplated how to jump back into my blog, I immediately thought of this picture because at the time we were entering the COVID scene. This was when COVID first showed up and the Jacksonville mayor declared that we’re required to wear face masks when entering any public place. I remember thinking on this day, what the hell, wear a mask in every public place, are they serious!

However, I thought it was best that I unintentionally found a mask that matched one of my tops.

When I decided to change the name of my blog (even though all of my children are still “Harried” but not all of them are “Hampton’s”) I was unsure to what and still felt unclear on what I would be writing about but I know the change was needed.

In addition to adjustments to some posts for those who might be new to the blog, I also changed the theme or the look of the blog. I intended for this update to go out a bit sooner than now since the name of the blog was changed about two years ago. The theme has been changed several times since the name change. I am all about aesthetics.Aesthetics are the details of life.

Several posts have been removed, others I have changed from published to drafts to make adjustments to the people and titles of those who are no longer in my life. Others, I have reposted, and some I am still editing. Most importantly, I am revamping the heart of my story. Bear with me if you ever run into broken links. The themes of the blog remain topics on therapy, parenting, womanhood, and education. As I continue to grow in writing, look for a publisher, and research writing a book, I will still appreciate all the likes, comments, and follows to my book in a blog!

But then there is the little Gnome my crazy neighbor had in her window! Worse yet it is a University of Florida, Gators Gnome, and that is a no-go for a Florida State University Seminole!

Thank you to all those who support my writing journey!

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