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Not Why? Rather “How”?

Remember a few years back when it was a big deal for you to know your why! I am all about it, and certainly there is a need to know why you are on this earth, why you exist? I hit a snag when once I figured out my “why” but was not so sure about the “how.”

In this post, I want to answer how a certified coach (of various sorts) is a good move if you are looking to shake things up a bit but especially if you are in search of your “how”. I was reading an article about the trouble with goal setting is not creating the goals themselves rather it is how we are going to accomplish them. In other words, how will I work out and lose 10 pounds, for example?

A coach! A COACH could be the answer to your “how” question!

After I was halfway through a master’s degree in mental health counseling, I ran into a personal snag with my first practicum. It is somewhat embarrassing to tell the world that I failed the practicum but my reasons for failing are hilarious frankly!

“You talk too much,” that crazy professor said to me! I said in response, “What! Are we surprised?” After a short pause, and while I thought to myself (the Professor did not know what to do with me) “for crying out loud I thought, I am in a counseling program, and I am becoming a counselor because after all don’t we know it all!

The moral of the story: I am a storyteller, and how could I not tell stories…or as she put it talk too much! I needed to rediscover how I was going to help people, because clearly to that professor’s eye, it is not as a mental health counselor. (Although that is not what I fully believe, I just learned my “how” a little more clearer.)

Here are two suggestions, I have for you on coming up with your how – that is, how you will reach your goals whatever they are.

The first suggestion is to hire me or hire a certified coach. I can make several suggestions depending on the direction of your goals. (Note: I am in the process of compiling a list of coaches, or you can go here to find a certified coach.)

The second suggestion is by starting with how you do not want to go about reaching your goals. In other words, per the example above, if your goal is to work out and lose 10 pounds, but you know you do not like going to a gym, well then, mark that off the process of elimination list. I do believe as humans that, sadly, we are more inclined towards the negative and/or can at least say that we know some things we do not like for certain in any given context. Consequently, this part may not be as difficult.

So for today, and since it was actually about 3 years ago that I stopped the mental health counseling degree and decided to become a certified life coach instead; I am once again clear that a counseling degree is not my thing at this time, as it was a reconsideration recently. Rather, I am quite satisfied with my storytelling skills and would much rather talk a lot!

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