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Psaghetti Dinner

Today on the menu is my rendition which I believe is very close to Grandpa Ranieri’s version of red sauce, or gravy as you may know it.

Sunday dinners growing up almost always consisted of “psaghetti” affectionately called by my cousin Anthony because he could not get “s” to come before the “p”, which to be fair is very difficult phonetically for little people. As an adult, I understand now how hard it is for a child to pronounce spaghetti when they have no front teeth!

I love learning and teaching. Through the years I have come to understand that perhaps I am a dope teacher because I love learning.

I loved teaching my children. I am not sure what each child would say in response to that statement but that would be an interesting interview indeed! To know their current perception of me as a teacher.

I think most days I was overwhelmed (I now understand better why I was overwhelmed often), just couldn’t understand for the life of me why I could not manage all the drama I allowed in my life, some of which from my own hands. (super sarcastic).

Sunday dinners are very nostalgic for me. I love coming together with my family! It is special! Cannot be replaced. This is not to say that we are all best friends, and have so much in common because actually, we are the strangest but dopest group of different people you could ever imagine! Of course, it has its challenges because we are all so different. Yet I think that is what makes it so beautiful! Then you add spaghetti to it, good butter with fresh bread from Mazzaro’s, and yummy salad with Italian dressing! Delish!

When I am sautéing the garlic, onion, and herbs I prefer a mixture of butter and olive oil. It adds flavor.

I like to crush the tomatoes mostly with my hands, this way I control the sizes of the tomatoes that I leave, bite-size pieces of tomato are just perfect. It is all about the simmer and special ingredient:


Yep, have to have a little sugar to offset the acid from the tomatoes and vinegar.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Lastly, it is all about the pasta, too, I think back in the day your common brands were not too bad, like when Grandpa was making psgetti. Now, not the case, go to a local market and get a solid brand of pasta, like real Italian pasta. Make sure to add salt to the water and do not overcook! That is the worst!

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