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Spring in Jamaica

Updated: 5 days ago

I love to garden. I love growing things. I especially love growing what I eat. In a tropical environment, there is no reason not to grow what you eat. I enjoy nurturing living things especially living things that make my home decor more beautiful and alive.

I found the plant in the first image on the beach, he was uprooted from the ground and just lying there, he needed my help! The second image is an herb called the King of the Jungle. He makes delicious iced tea! The blooms on some of the plants are my fav because they bring the butterflies!

While I enjoy the plants that live outside, I enjoy those inside though some are still in shock from being moved a few months ago. Additionally, I did some transplanting like my huge monstera and others I recently added to our home, and I am not sure if they are exactly happy inside.

The truth be told, I try to like light and I do for as long as I can but I like the house somewhat dark with likkle light and cool (about 74 is a nice temp to sit in).

There is something therapeutic about working with living things that are not humans. Let me rephrase that, humans are complicated. Plants, dogs, and llamas, to name a few that I love, are not complicated. It is quite precise what they each need. I suppose it is because we humans, different than all of creation, come with emotions, opinions, and power. We each are born with power simply because we are human. Remember we were given dominion of all the world. It explains then, why nonhuman living things are so delightful and therapeutic to work with!

I would say my favorite group of humans to work with would be Kindergarteners or around the age of 5. Humans at 5 are fearless, creative, and imaginative. They tell the truth and they love freely. The following are my favorite non-living beings that I care for inside the house. I would say my favorites are the bamboo and ferns.

Finicky Fern

She loves it by the window!

Japanese Palm needs some love

The Lipstick Plant, can’t wait until she blooms!

Transplanted from the large monster on the verandah.

To give props to the pups since I do not have any Kindergartners at this time, enjoy a few more pictures. Hopefully, WordPress does not kick me off the platform with so many in one post.

This face!

She is so fancy and British.

Those ears get me every time!

Andrew & and Odie (the foster dog) teaching Andrew how to behave.

Yep, that is Andrew with string unknowingly hanging from his mouth.

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