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Thoughts on Adoption

I was talking with a woman about her and her husbands decision to consider adopting their foster son. She said something that particularly stuck with me, she said she, “struggles to see herself as his mommy.”

I don’t know anyone in my daily life who has placed a child for adoption. However, I know many that have either adopted children or are considering adoption so I quietly listen and watch from another perspective. Most are not aware of my experience and when given the right time I do share but it’s not exactly the story you just throw out there. It tends to be a bit heavier than talking about parenting.

As thoughts stirred, the “heart of adoption” kept coming to mind. Adoption is referenced several times in the Bible. Here is what I found using a study tool I frequent. God is the original author of adoption. Through broken man (Adam and Eve), He purposely predetermined that He would send His Son Jesus to restore us through adoption. We are heirs to the Creator of all creation, given full rights to his kingdom.

The theme of adoption wasn’t just a New Testament thought, it’s carried throughout the Bible. I hope I am not coming off as some theologian but rather sharing through my experience the expanse of God’s ways and yet the very practical nature of adoption. The extent and complexity of adoption is far beyond comprehension yet a simple sacrificial act of love.

I often think of that woman as I haven’t seen her. Meanwhile I continue to be surrounded by families who have adopted. It reminds me that my choice to provide my daughter an intact loving family through adoption was a simple act of love. Though the pregnancy was a consequence of pre-marital sex, God, who makes all things beautiful, redeemed a difficult situation. And not only that but adoption is straight from the heart of God and ultimately what he intends for all mankind – new birth into a new life through saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, adoption into his family, when you place your faith in him.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are all called to be a part of God’s heart toward mankind.

I do praise God who mends all the broken pieces from poor choices and gives me new life. I look forward to sharing the second part of my adoption story. The original part 2 of my adoption story became this post. Stay tuned for the official part 2, our reunion.

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