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To Blog or Not to Blog

(Ten years ago) I already struggle with my desire to blog and I have only posted once! I love to write and know that I would like to be heard in a few areas passionate to me but wonder if this is the way to go. Maintaining a blog requires time not to mention the details that go into making this my “domain.”

(Present) At the time that I started this blog, I had three children that I home-schooled, and my second eldest, who was a young adult at the time still at home. Their father traveled every week so my life was hectic. Since I started this blog almost ten years ago when I worked a part-time job and did all the above, life was very different for me then. Then, my life was so full and by the time I finished my day whether I was teaching the children or at the work providing academic advising to students at the local community college, I was tired at the end of the day. Now my life has room and time and energy to write.

(Ten years ago) So to show some stamina and perseverance, I decided to post this…I have read other blogs and been reminded that it takes time and has to evolve…being a blogger that is…then a few questions come to mind: what makes an “evolved” blogger? How do you capture your audience? and that question mostly bothers me as I don’t want to sound so intelligent or interesting to insist or impose on an audience but if not what is the point of blogging!

It seems fitting to close here, since, as we speak, 5 children are running up and down the stairs playing some game called Casablanca! (It is funny to read this now (April 2023) and to remember my life with children in the home who kept me very busy. This reminds me of my recent post about the empty nest and how to avoid transactional relationships.

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