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Unraveling my Writing: Part 2

As I sought clarity on my next life steps, I experienced what I will call a mental breakthrough. Once I decided to revamp my blog and shift my focus to the bigger picture (writing and publishing a book), I decided that the next step in this direction would be to align my blog with my new story – what I set out to do after several life transitions. This does not mean my old story does not matter or will not be included despite there being parts of my old story I am not excited to share, they are still parts of my story. In addition to revamping the blog, I decided to look for themes in my writing; this is where the mental breakthrough came.

Indeed I found themes, two particularly that I will hone in on for the potential chapter titles of the book:

  1. There are several Part 2’s to certain topics and could continue on the same topic with additional parts and form book chapters.

  2. There is progression and several themes within my story including life issues that I am passionate about: therapy, race, adoption, God, and coaching and learning.

In addition to the revamp, it is also important to pull it all together and make it cohesive – all the parts of my life. I posted a few blogs about my cooking moments and my travels. Cooking, traveling and nature are each extensions of my writing. They are each expression of who I am in art form. They do not quite fall into the same bucket in terms of priority in my life, but I enjoy loving people through food, nature, and my travels. I also enjoy eating good, and healthy food. This could also be seen as a theme particularly as it relates to several health issues that have forced me to alter my diet and change my lifestyle drastically.

Mental breakthroughs are necessary when are you stuck. It must first begin in the mental.

Within the themes, I see several parts of parts to my life in the posts. I see missing parts too. I see topics briefly discussed when I know there is so much more to say about that part of my life or that part of the story.

Since moving to Jamaica, I have felt more clear about those passion projects I was pursuing like the Lundy Foundation. Professionally, when I measure the stress, effort, time, and energy it cost working in the corporate world it did not add up. It may have added financially but it subtracted in many ways, and I value life itself more right now then the things of life. So I chose peace, low stress, and to be broke. (Not really, I am not broke, but really I am.)

Another part of my story, and although this post does not fully express my personal discovery of the HSP, this post is beginning with more to come. It is critical to also tie in the role of my HSP sensitivities and tendencies and how they have affected my life and how this influences the revamp and themes selected for the book. In many ways, it will overshadow the entire book. It is not that I am so consumed by such discovery rather I celebrate the freedom this discovery gave; it set me free of baggage beliefs about my responses to certain behaviors and actions of others. This self-discovery helped to correctly frame why I behaved in certain ways in a particular context and lastly, it exposed mislabels I had accepted through my own doing and that of others.

Finding a place of peace in Jamaica has been my sole focus. I chose to do this more than anything for my health. Heart disease in women is the number one SILENT killer. I will not die of a heart attack because I allowed stress to kill me. Forgiveness is healing in every way. I feel a mental breakthrough took place and gave birth to this post. This post will be a living stone that I lay towards the completion of my book and the family legacy I will one day leave behind. I have found my place of peace. I have clarity on my next steps, for the next year – the time frame I have given myself for this season of healing, restoration, and unraveling my writing. Stay tuned!

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