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Taken from Clifton Strengthfinders, each strength falls into a domain or theme. The following strengths align with Strategic Thinking and Relationship Building themes.


Identifying strengths can be helpful to personal and career development. Understanding how your strengths are expressed in work experiences is important to professional development and adds value to your professional experiences. The link to a free version of the Strengthfinders assessment can be found here.


Description: Fascinated by ideas with a keen sense of finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. 


Experience: As a New Student Orientation Facilitator, ideation led to identification of the right questions to ask when helping learners make the connections between theory and professional practice.


Outcome: I thrive in an environment where my ideas are valued and expressed to create and execute the mission at hand strategically.



Description: In my intellectual activity, I absorb and analyze information.


Experience: In grad school, I developed an action plan to address diversity, equity, and influence in post-secondary institutions. The workshop is designed to inform practitioners of the class and racial gaps that exist in post-secondary institutions. 

Outcome: Observing the connections between theory and practice is important to me. Intellection fuels strategic thinking.

Empathy Mapping.jpeg


Description: Intuitively able to see the world through others' eyes, and understand. This relationship-building strength, helps me anticipate the need or limitations.

Experience:  This strength showed in my roles as an Educator and Advisor. I added value through a coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). When facilitating a learning experience coaching skills and empathy guide the objectives. 

Outcome: Empathy helps me voice on behalf of others, what others may struggle to find words to voice.



Description: Strong desire to continuously find ways to bridge the roads of theory and practice. Curious about the process of learning.


Experience: As Security Forces in the USAF, I was tasked with teaching a Drivers Safety Course that included cultural and social awareness topics. The goal was to bridge the cultural differences between American military personnel and the host members - the Japanese. There was a great deal of content to tackle in a short amount of time while still keeping personnel engaged.


Outcome:thrive in work environments where the project requires a lot to be learned in a short period.

Rule Breaker.jpeg


 Description: Having a strategic strength is the groundwork to create and execute. Given all the right questions are being asked, all the seen complexities will become manageable, effective solutions.

Experience: As a program manager and academic advisor, it was my aim to help learners make the connections between decisions and consequences. During one-on-one advising sessions, identification of the right questions to ask were critical to finding solutions towards the learners goals.

Outcome: I can find relevant patterns and issues and quickly spot viable solutions.



Description: As an analytical whose strengths also run deep in ideation and intellection, I will search for reasons and causes of any dilemma.

Experience: In grad school, I completed a Statistics In Education course. This course changed the way I approach program research and assessment. As a Career Outreach Specialist, I used qualitative methods to build resources for health education students.

Outcome: Data informs my practice. The data is used to peel back the layers in search of patterns and connections leading to the root causes.

Understanding how my key experiences emphasize my strengths was a huge mental ushered in more self-awareness and confidence in my professional place in this world.

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