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teaching and learning

As you explore the following pages, "clients" respectively, and in any context  (professional or academic) may also be named "learners". The following information presents my underlining approach to teaching and learning. In some ways, this is the theory behind my practice.

Table from Kolbs learning styles inventory.jpg

No matter your professional role, Kolb's educator profile may help define your role in the educative experience. All roles can be nurtured and polished with experience and understanding. 

How we Learn Infograpic 2.jpg

. Learning styles are for the learner. When the art of learning is approached holistically, we are better able to create educative learning experiences. 

Empathy Mapping.jpeg

Clifton StrengthFinders

In the same way that learning styles impact the learning experience, the strengths learners display over time are an effective means to help the learners exercise their strengths in learning contexts. Learning styles and strengths work hand in hand in a learning context.

Deep learning is quality learning that ‘sticks’ with you for the rest of your life…
Larry Ferlazzo 

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